Sivu is a fast site builder for stunning landing pages and more.

The easy way to create and update landing pages and simple sites, all in your browser.

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Build websites with ready-made blocks

Standardised content blocks for easy editing and content creation without code.

All in your browser

Easy to use editor to switch up colors, texts and images on the fly.

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Publish all the changes directly in your own domain.

Expand with custom scripts and elements

Customise your site with scripts and custom html or Tailwind blocks.

Example sites made with Sivu


  • Why Sivu?

    We are web designers from heart and soul. We missed something lighter and simpler to build landing pages and prototype new ideas with. Create directly in the domain. Go fast. Throw in custom Tailwind blocks as required. Standard components without complex mess of inline styles that can be easily switched between themes and styles on the fly.

  • Do I need to know code?

    You can create awesome landing page with ready-made blocks using our editor without any code. Register for free and try it out.

  • How can I connect my domain?

    Follow the instructions inside the app to connect your domain. You will need access to the DNS settings and change the A record. It's not that complicated as it sounds.

  • Why I can't see custom HTML blocks or scripts on my live site?

    Custom blocks are only supported with custom domains for security reason for the time being. Custom blocks are not visible on but you can preview everything in the edit mode and in your own domain.

    You can find custom HTML / Tailwind examples here.
  • How do I publish my changes?

    All changes take place immediately and are automatically published in your domain.
  • How to create a shop with Gumroad?

    You can add gumroad.js to custom scripts but need a paid account to do so. Adding .js file to your site turns all your Gumroad links to modals and adds the cart icon to your site.
  • Can I use custom fonts?

    You can add custom fonts with services like Google or Adobe fonts and using the custom scripts (updgrade to use). This requires some CSS knowledge - override h1, h2, h3, (p) styles with css.
  • Can I do xyz?

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Test and create landing pages for free.

  • up to 5 sites
  • Free site builder
  • Connect domains
  • Sivu badge on live sites
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Remove the badge and access advanced features.

  • up to 15 sites
  • Custom HTML / Tailwind blocks
  • Remove Sivu badge
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Add more sites and custom scripts.

  • up to 50 sites
  • Custom HTML / Tailwind blocks
  • Use custom scripts
  • Remove Sivu badge
  • Premium support
  • Theme library (soon)



Dedicated support and infrastructure.

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced features
  • Dedicated support
  • SSO login
  • Custom integrations